Acadia 2025: Excellence. Engagement. Enlightenment.

Acadia 2025: Excellence. Engagement. Enlightenment.

Acadia University is ready for the next stage in its future. Today, it is a renowned university that personifies the very essence of liberal education within the context of our 21st century society and economy. Acadia not only fulfills the core mandate of universities around the world, namely to preserve and create knowledge through research and teaching, but also delivers on that mandate within a stimulating and enriched learning environment that creates a unique educational experience for its students. That unique experience combines high quality teaching with the engagement of undergraduate and graduate students in research, experiential learning, community service, and environmental stewardship, at an historic residential campus set in a region boasting outstanding natural beauty and a high quality of life. The words “excellence”, “engagement, and “enlightenment” come to mind as defining what the Acadia educational experience is all about.

As we embark on our 180th year as an institution of higher learning, founded on the principles of providing education to students regardless of race, creed, or religion, we must be aware that students, stakeholders, and donors expect Acadia to provide and educational experience that is highly relevant to the economy and society of the 21st century.

Acadia’s current strategic plan was completed in 2006 and it has seen our community through turbulent times in post-secondary education and some very specific challenges faced by Acadia. Our next strategic plan must be both aspirational and realistic, containing goals that lead us forward to realizing our vision and mission as a university, that reflect our institutional values, and that are accompanied by actions that are tangible and measurable.

It must be developed by engaging our various communities and this website is intended to be a place where visitors can learn more about Acadia’s mission and purpose and the framework we’ll be following with the goal of launching our new strategic plan in 2019. I invite you to explore the resources available here and to provide your thoughts and ideas as a means of helping us develop Acadia 2025.


Peter J. Ricketts, PhD

President and Vice Chancellor